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A Tribute To Friendship! We Are All One Of Many



         I have given many of my friends a song. The song describes the essence of the individual, and how each earned its name, what each taught me, or how we first met.
        Maybe you will begin to be aware of  how you learn from your friends in your life.

My Family

         I was graced to be born the youngest of a loving family of ten. No matter what happened, the family was always there to help and learn from each other. With the incredible net there for me, I began to grow. I continued to utilize my gift of caring through friends I call voices in the dark lucky charms.
         Voices in the dark are heard when you are lost in a chasm of darkness and can't find your way out. They can call you back  into the light of hope to carry you forward.
 They are lucky charms, for if you are feeling horrid, they can make you feel okay. If you are feeling good, they can make you feel excellent. If you are feeling excellent, you will feel as if you can touch the sky.
         Mom and Dad created a safe and comfortable haven for the eight of us to play in, but if you stepped out of line, you knew it. Dads thunderous voice carried weight; Mom gave a lot of tender caring. Tough love with a soft touch.

        Mom, the ever present selfless love, took care of our every need. The warm cozy blanket on life, sacrificial in every way. Out of the million things our Mom did for us, the one thing that sticks out most is her smile in the constant day today caring of a deathly ill child that was unable to eat or sleep. The love then was relentless, and it still is.


         As the sun, full of selflessness, shines brightly upon the earth, a mother sacrifices all for love.

Sacrificing = Giving all
Element = Vital link
Lights = Dispelling darkness
Faith = Hope
Loyalty = True to the cause
Everlasting = Enduring
Secure = Stable
Surrounding = A place of joy
Nurtures = Teaches
Eager = Willing
Shoulder = Ready in a moment
Soothing = Bringing comfort

         A sacrificing element lights the way, leaving faith and loyalty. An everlasting and secure surrounding is left to nurture, with an eager shoulder to soothe.

          Dads way of teaching responsibility is through yard work. Each weekend in the summer, spring and fall we would continually build a rock wall about two feet high around the perimeter of the entire yard. The only way to get out of the task was to be truly bed-ridden. I believe that is something engraved in the eight of us.


         As natures power governs the elements, my father commands respect.

Reassurance = Brings confidence
Enforces = Keeping fear away
Stable = Constantly strong
Productive = Growing
Environment = A place of comfort
Capacity = Ready to accomplish victory
Teach = By example

         Reassurance enforces a stable, productive environment with the capacity to teach.

         Two lessons learned continually, taught by example, were selflessness and respect. Through my eyes, they were the essence of my parents.

        With all the learning and playing that was going on, my oldest brother, Secure, was always there to catch me. When I was five, I was swimming, and it was not long before I discovered the diving board. I was only allowed to use it if Secure, who is thirteen years older than I, would catch me. No matter how often or crooked I went off, he was always there to catch me. Who knows how many unmindful knees and elbows he received to the face, but he would catch me anyway.


        A secure place brings peace in troubled times.

Stable = Immovable
Environment = Protected surroundings
Cultivates = Gives nourishment
Unbelievable = Spectacle of nature
Resource = Ocean
Energy = Life

        A stable environment cultivates an unbelievable resource of energy.

        On December 4th of my 18th birthday, Convincer and a buddy took me up a huge mountain to sit by a campfire in order to give me a birthday present. There was a second and true hidden agenda to this. I did not want to, but they had me drinking 80 proof alcohol with beer chasers. I was so against alcohol and still am. In doing so, it proved that I definitely do not like alcohol. I guess you just have to touch the fire sometimes. I did not have any doubts in my mind after that night that alcohol is not for me.


         Every once in a while we are in need of a Convincer to keep us headed in the proper direction.

Calculated = Mathematical
Objective = Plan
Nurtures = Gives hope
Vessel = Ship
Impurity = Incomplete
New = Energized
Capsule = Renewed spirit
Eager = Ready
Resources = Wealth of power

        A calculating objective that nurtures a vessel of impurity helps a new capsule of eager resources to emerge.

        On Adaptable’s twelfth birthday he received a model plane requiring two thousand pieces of wood to build it. Not only did you have to put it together, you also had to make each piece as you went along. Amazingly, within two weeks the plane was completely finished.


        Adaptable changes with the times, making  a difference in life.

Absolute = Total
Domination = Control
Attitude = A mental state of mind
Plans = A way to achieve victory
Transition = Changes
Abilities = Capacities
Better = Higher level
Life = Growing
Energy = Power

        An absolute domination is an attitude that plans a transition of abilities to a better life of energy.


         In my younger days my brothers,  Adaptable and Convincer, and I would try constantly to pin Secure, our oldest brother, to the floor. We always lost until some 12 years later when nature had given us the ability to finally defeat him in the hallway. It was a long awaited revenge for the many flossings of the butt with the underwear, or the underwear on the head. When we were young I did not know whether I was just smart or lucky, but I did not seem to get it nearly so much as my other two brothers.

My Sisters

         During my early growing years, my four sisters liked to make desserts. The most sought after dessert was their chocolate chip cookies. My sisters loved to make homemade treats. My sisters would do such a good job Adaptable, Convincer, and I were more than happy to raid the cookie dough just before it would go into the oven.
         We knew our sisters would try to stop us, but that just made it more fun and rewarding when we took the cookie dough. To escape, we would run into the basement or outside depending on the weather, eating as we ran. The dough that did make it into the oven did not last long either.

       During my beginning school years, Nurture was my faithful companion on my walk to the bus stop attending to my needs. Sometimes I would forget my lunch or something else, and my sister would go and get it.


        As nature gives life, nurture gives hope.

Natural = Born to be
Umbrella = Covers all
Reassures = Brings back
Treasure = Spirit
Unbelievable = Powerful
Resource = A deep well
Eagerness = Willing to help

         A natural umbrella that reassures the treasure is an unbelievable resource of eagerness.

        When I was a teenager and everybody was living somewhere else, when my parents went away Compassion would come and take care of me by doing my laundry and making meals for me.


         As a mother cares for a child, Compassion commands a tender touch.

Committed = Dedicated
Objective = Plan to obtain
Master = Control
Purpose = Reason for doing
Aspiration = Motivation
Spirit = Pure energy
Satisfaction = Happiness
Ideal = Perfect
Ongoing = Continuum
Natural = Essence

    A committed objective that masters a purpose is an aspiration of a spirit, that has satisfaction only in an ideal,  ongoing natural state.

        Two years out of high school, I decided I was going to write a paper on invisible barriers. In doing so my sister Proper showed me what was right and wrong with my paper. After all, she was a teacher.


        A proper person is a good example for a child.

Precise = Perfect
Rhythm = Natural flow of teaching
Observes = Watches
Propose = Presents an idea
Educated = Wealth of knowledge
Response = Reaction

        A precise rhythm observes to propose an educated response.

         My older sister was a demonstration of dedication to something desired to be achieved through fitness. With discipline she did her exercise religiously, treating her body as a temple of gold.


        Witnessing the fitness of an eagle as it achieves flight is amazing.

Fierce = Motivated
Independence = Freedom
Tactfully = Skillfully
Navigates = Guides
Eagerly = Energetically
Satisfying = Refreshing
Serenity = Dream

         A fierce independence tactfully navigates eagerly towards a satisfying serenity.

        With the nine family members behind me I forged out into the world, with a belief that anything could happen, even though my disabilities suggested otherwise. This is where the idea for the story Dream came from.
        If you ever felt as if you were trapped in a box with know way out here is an example of  how your friends can help as the person named "TJ" did in Dream. The coach if you will.


         In the middle of Fort Lauderdale, Florida, a whispering wind came across the year-2000 high school graduating class. Tossing their robes about while the bright sun rays blasted through the clouds lighting up the sky behind them, the graduates slowly walked through the crowd. Every one held their heads high anticipating the future--except Sam.
         After the ceremony, just before everybody scattered, Sam's best friend, Sally, gave him a hug, squeezing the air out of him and asked the question. . Sam, did you get accepted to an aeronautics college?.
         Sam pulled back and said, . No,. as his jaw went through the ground. "I was rejected because they do not believe I have the capabilities to be an engineer. Now, all I have to look forward to is my graduation present. It. s a new computer that has a two-gigabit memory capacity with fancy design programs for engineering which was given  to me in anticipation of acceptance to a college. What am I going to do after graduation? The question eats at me; while precious seconds tick away..
         . The time to celebrate our graduation is now. Will I see you at the party later?.
         . I. m not up for it,. answered Sam as he went off on a walk by himself. A downpour of rain came to greet him. It did not seem to matter to Sam though. He just kept on walking. When Sam eventually made it home, his father said, as he hugged him tightly, . After graduation we looked everywhere for you. Where did you go?.
         . I  just had to get away and think," Sam mumbled looking at the floor.
         . Do your thinking while working on our farm..
         A month later Sally arrived at Sam's farm under a hot morning sun and said, . Where have you been?.
         Working on the farm, alone, to get away.
         Wow, Sam, the spark in your eyes has dwindled away..
         Sally, all I know is I feel like I fell into the Grand Canyon, landing face up. I don't know what condition I am in. All I know is that I am at the bottom looking up many miles, wondering, . Will I ever figure a way out?
         With a tremendously disappointed look on Sally's face, she said, Sam, this feeling of giving up is unbelievable. Ever since I have known you, you were willing to die before you would quit anything. So don't quit before you even get started. Just because the road you are on is full of holes, it does not mean you can quit."
         . It may take my life, Sally..
         . Well, you said you would rather be dead, anyway, Sam. Since you are willing to die, you do not have anything to lose. When you start your quest, Sam, start  it full force, without fear..
         . Well I need to think about it for a while,. said Sam.
        After Sally left, Sam went for a walk down the road. A moment later a black limousine drove up beside him. A person stepped out wearing a sparkling white suit. "My name is TJ,. said the stranger. . I am your new next-door neighbor. I had the privilege of watching you graduate. For some reason, you seem troubled."
         . You are the man who lives in the seven-story mansion?. Sam replied with a face as long as a football field. "Yes, you are right. I don. t have a clue about what I will do after graduation..
 . May I tell you a story about the imperfect person, Sam?. asked TJ.
         . Yes,. Sam's ear seemed to grow, . you must be perfect..
         . So you think. That's not the case. Getting to where I am today, I made many mistakes due to human imperfections. My advice is simple. You will see all types of successful  people in this world, but there are two things that we all have in common: human error, for nobody is perfect. The second thing is power of choice. There are countless choices you make in a day, starting the moment you awake.
         . You have the choice to fall back asleep, or to get up. That is just to get out of bed. Just imagine how many choices you really have in one day. With each choice made, the power to make it happen is in you.
         . The difference between a successful person and one who is not is this: A successful person learns from his mistakes and continues on; no matter what! It is a matter of choice. For now, if you have any questions, or are in need of advice, here is my private phone number, 333-3333..
         . Thanks, TJ, . said Sam and shook his hand with a deep stare as TJ continued on his way. Reflecting on what TJ said about the power of choice, Sam thought, . The power of choice is awesome, but with so many choices, how do I choose, in order to do what I need to do? The thought just echoes through my mind twenty-four hours a day. I wake up at night with dreams of being lost in a maze..
         Being fed up, Sam called TJ and said, . TJ, I want to be an aeronautical engineer. Then I can build a jet plane to replace the car, but I do not know where to go from here. Will you help me?.
         . Sure, come on over and we will see what we can do to achieve this goal.. In a short while, Sam arrived at TJ. s front door and rang the bell. House-shaking gongs rang out.
        TJ answered the door and said, "Come on in. This is my living room, the place where I just sit and think..
         Entering the house Sam's sneakers squeaked on the marble floor that stretched throughout. As Sam looked around, his eyes connected with gold and silver tables, with chairs made of solid oak wood. The couches were made of soft white leather. The center coffee table had a huge Bible on it. Each page, had writing all over it.
         "Would you like anything to drink?"
         "No thanks," said Sam.
         "Well, lets' get started. First thing I need, Sam, is for you to tell me more about what you want to do," said TJ.
         "My dream is to design a two-seater jet plane that will replace the car. I wanted to go to college, but I was not accepted to any school because they do not believe I have the ability."
         "If I were you, Sam, I would learn how an airplane wing works by studying the birds. They were flying way before us. To prove it, find out how the Wright brothers learned how wings work..
         . I will, TJ," said Sam.
        The next day, Sam went to the library. For two months, he practically lived there, studying the Wright brothers. discovery. In doing so Sam figured out how birds' wings work.
         Afterwards, Sam called TJ and said,  . Hey TJ, you were right, I discovered the Wright brothers studied the wings of a gull in order to find out how birds fly. It only makes sense, because nature is perfect. Previous inventors had to study birds, and try to make a model plane that utilized their method of flight..
        Laughing with excitement TJ said,  . Come on over and explain it to me..
         Arriving at TJ's house, out of breath, with drawings in hand, Sam said,  . TJ, here is how a wing works. A wing is curved so the air that passes over it has farther to go than the air that passes underneath. Therefore, the air at the top must go faster. As it creates negative pressure on top and normal pressure on the bottom, lift is created.
          After I had learned about it, I wanted to see it. So I implemented the skeletal structure of a bald eagle in my computer using holographic images.

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